Cost Transfers

Please create transfers using the Cost Transfer Tool (CTT) immediately. You can login using your netID and password at

When completing the Details section of the transfer, please begin your text with the funds involved. For example, if you are transferring from fund 144-PRJ12AB to fund 101, start the Details as, “144 to 101.” You do not need to include the project number. Then, explain why you are transferring the charges, just as you normally would. This helps routing at the divsion level.

All transfers involving 133, 142, and 144 funds require the same backup documentation as before. Simply scan the paperwork and attach the files electronically via the Documentation tab on the transfer.

Please be aware that Comments are part of the permanent record and may be subject to audit.

Lastly, records in CTT will not be purged. Printing is not necessary for record retention purposes.

For help with the tool, please contact Michelle Copeland, Sandy Fowler, or Susie Juncer.

Cost Transfer Memo 5/2/11