Auxiliary Operations (136 Funds)

Fund 136 Auxiliary Operations, or otherwise referred to as Fee-for-Service or Revenue Producing Activities, will now be reviewed collaboratively between CALS Research Division and CALS Business Services.

Routing 136 Fund Documents

All Auxiliary Operation documents must now be routed through WISPER. The document type “fee-for-service” should be selected when routing your documents. Please include the following documents in the routed WISPER record:
  1. Agreement document signed by the service recipient
  2. Revenue Producing Activities Questionnaire – if the activity will require a new 136 project to be established
  3. Detailed fee schedule which includes how rate was calculated (Indirect costs should be figured into the rate for external services)
  4. Detailed description of the activity

136 Fund Contacts

Angie Seitler (608) 261-1432

136 Fund Forms & Documents

To set up a revenue account:

See instructions from UW Accounting Services: